Monday, April 25, 2011

Dancing Trees

Spring! Is there a more welcome word for someone who paints out doors? While I did do my share of painting out side this past winter, and did enjoy it very much, there really is nothing like the prospect of bright colors and warmer temperatures to get the heart beating a bit faster.

Two weeks ago I was interviewed with regards to a plein air event where I will be participating in Cranford, NJ. We thought it would be nice to get a couple of pictures of me set up outside with my gear while flailing a brush around. We took a two minute drive to Bailey Arboretum which is basically around the corner from my house. The idea wasn’t for me to actually paint but to just get some posed plein air shots.

It was a pretty gray day but I was immediately taken with the fresh bright moss at the base of the trees along the pond and made a mental note to return the following week. I went back late in the afternoon on a bright sunny day and loved not only the bright moss but the shadows moving across the tree trunks. I have already posted this painting to my Facebook page and many people commented that it looked as though the trees were dancing. I like to think that I am always open to suggestion so “Dancing Trees” it is!

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